[uClinux-dev] Re: patches?

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Mon Feb 17 06:27:00 EST 2003

Hi Miles,

Miles Bader wrote:
> Greg Ungerer <gerg at snapgear.com> writes: 
>>Miles Bader wrote:
>>>Actually, what would be really nice would be if you could update the CVS
>>>repository with the new version, give a few days (or more, if starting
>>>on friday :-) for people to check it out, and then cut the actual
>>>distribution after any kinks have been worked out.
>>To be honest I could just cut a "pre-release" tree if people
>>where willing to test it out.
> What exactly does `cut a "pre-release" tree' mean?

A package that is feature complete, but needs some testing
and little fixups to make sure all combinations of board,
CPU, apps, libs, etc, work together (or at least those that
are expected too).

> The most absolutely convenient method for me is for you guys to update
> the uClinux-dist CVS tree -- not only because it takes a lot less
> bandwidth to download, but because it makes it much easier to merge
> local changes.

Sure, I can do this.


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