[uClinux-dev] Is Cygwin Supported?

Banasik, Paul M PaulMBanasik at eaton.com
Thu Jul 18 09:29:10 EDT 2002

John -

Thanks for raising my awareness of these issues.  I did some deeper
investigating, and here's what I learned:

- aux.c is used in user/ssh, which is not a user app I currently build and
include in my romfs.  I guess if you wanted to use ssh you'd have to extract
aux.c to something else, then find all of the other ssh files that reference
it and change their references to use the new file name.

(By the way, I have had a similar issue with minicom-2.00.0.  Version 2.00.0
includes an /aux directory, so it plus four files contained in it will not
extract properly.  Rather than chase everything down, I went back to
minicom-1.83.1.  Version 1.83.1 and 2.00.0 are essentially the same
according to the author; the key difference is the use of autoconf in

- Your concerns about NTFS case sensitivity are 100% right.  I took my
uClinux-dist-20020502.tar.gz file and extracted everything using WinZip 8.0.
Sure enough, there were several name collisions cited, whereas tar never
mentioned anything about it.  The files affected are in the
include/linux/netfilter_ipv4, include/linux/netfilter_ipv6,
net/ipv4/netfilter, and net/ipv6/netfilter directories.  The affected files
include ipt_mark.h, ipt_tcpmss.h, ipt_tos.h, ip6t_mark.h, ipt_mark.c,
ipt_tcpmss.c, ipt_tos.c, and ip6t_mark.c.  There are other files named
ipt_MARK.h, ipt_TCPMSS.h, ipt_TOS.h, ip6t_MARK.h, etc. that overlap purely
because NTFS is not case sensitive.

I haven't had issues because I haven't enabled the CONFIGURE_NETFILTER
option yet, so these header and implementation files are not being used in
the build process.  It's good to know this issue, though, in case I decide
later to use this option.

In summary, because of NTFS quirks tar won't extract user/ssh/aux.c from the
uClinux-dist-20020502.tar.gz properly, and tar overwrites eight linux-2.4.x
netfilter files with the same names but different case.  If you need these
features and are using Cygwin, you'll have to extract these files to
different file names, and fix all of the broken references in other files.
The rest of the distribution seems intact.

Again, thanks for your attention to detail and raising my awareness of these

Paul B.

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> In a Cygwin command prompt, "tar xzf 
> uClinux-dist-20020502.tar.gz" successfully
> extracts everything except "aux.c" because 
> of the goofy filename reservation Microsoft 
> has.  

I guess that's my first concern.  I didn't go any farther in figuring
out if aux.c is actually used somewhere (I'm guessing not as you state
you have successfully built uClinux).  I guess I could rename the file
if necessary, but regardless of Microsoft's goofy conventions, if the
uClinux folk want to support platforms such as Cygwin, then they should
look at renaming the file to something else.

> The NTFS comment you made puzzles me a little 
> bit, because I am using NTFS on Windows 2000 
> with no issues.

Perhaps it was just me using WinZip.  NTFS is a case-retentive but not
case-sensitive file system.  These two files are exactly the same:


When I used WinZip to decompress the full source distribution, I had
filename collisions.  I didn't investigate further, but the dialog box
that popped up gave the same filename, so I'm guessing the directory
paths differed only in terms of case.

Unless the Cygwin environment gets around this somehow, you probably
have overwritten files that differ only in the case of the directory

> On May 21, 2002 I posted a quick start guide
> to using m68k-elf-tools and uClinux-dist.  [...]
> If you can't find the e-mail post with the 
> instructions in the uClinux archives, let me know 
> and I'll repost it.

Thank you.  I'll look for the guide.

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