[uClinux-dev] About mem_init()

kj_lin at accton.com.tw kj_lin at accton.com.tw
Mon Jan 14 00:38:09 EST 2002


I downloaded the uClinux-dist-20011112.tar.gz from www.uclinux.org.

There is the uclinux-2.4.10-uc0 source tree in the distribution and it is

my start point to port the kernel to my board which based on ARM940T.

But i was trapped in arch/armnommu/mm/init.c -->mem_init() function.

void __init mem_init(void)
        unsigned int codepages, datapages, initpages;
        int i, node;

        codepages = &_etext - &_text;
        datapages = &_end - &_etext;
        initpages = &__init_end - &__init_begin;

        high_memory = (void *)__va(meminfo.end);
        max_mapnr   = virt_to_page(high_memory) - mem_map;

I dump the value of some parameters.

high_memory=0, meminfo.end=0, mem_map=0x34c000.

Are these value reasonable?

I don't consider "high_memory" and "meminfo.end" should be zero.

What dose "high_memory" mean for?

And where to set the value of "meminfo.end" when kernel boot up?



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