[uClinux-dev] MTD and JFFS (connecting to Jffs2 , trueffs , MTD and blockmem topic)

Jean-Christophe ARNU (JX) arnu at paratronic.fr
Thu Aug 1 11:32:29 EDT 2002

Hi all,
	I've read this thread (interesting).
	I've two Flash memories and I would like to use JFFS/JFFS2 on top of MTD to
access them (these flash are Fujitsu MBM29LV160T-80/90/12 or Toshiba
TC58FVT160 and it has been said in the thread that such Flahs might be MTD
	My question is where should I start to look at as a starting point to use MTD
(and configure it as well) to comply with my hardware architecture?

	Thanks by advance!

Jean-Christophe ARNU
One monk said to the other, "The fish has flopped out of the net! How will it
live?" The other said, "When you have gotten out of the net, I'll tell you."
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