[uClinux-dev] Debugger and other stuff

mathias.fritzson at mecel.se mathias.fritzson at mecel.se
Mon Apr 29 11:26:36 EDT 2002

Kendrick Hamilton wrote:
>I used single step with sds cross compiler and I saw no problems with it
>tracking structs.
Did you put up any special paths or commands more than the "set srclist"
command ?

It finds all files for us but the variables are still messed up, might be
something more to set, there are complicated projects here but not as
complex as the kernel so none has been able to hint me in the right
direction here..



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>On Mon, 29 Apr 2002 mathias.fritzson at mecel.se wrote:
>> Hi
>> A small thing, the company here that we are doing our thesis at has a
>> debugger "SingleStep" from Wind River, it works great except that it has
>> hard time to follow the types for variabels, especially the complex
>> structs and so on.. Has anyone managed to get this feature to work ?
>> And now to the heavy stuff..
>> We have an odd fault here, we have to have missed something in the port
>> we have no clue what we have missed..
>> When we are finishing up the start_kernel function a couple of new
>> are activated if we got it right. Some whre in these taskswitches  the
>> stack blows out of proportions and becomes +32k large. The struct in
>> "current", in our case current_set,  is pointing all wrong. We've tried
>> trace the problem but we're not completely sure where to look.. We
>> found any good documentation about these task switches so we only got
>> basic task knowlege no Linux specific.
>> I hope that you got some ideas =), we're slowly running out of them.
>> /Mathias

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