[uClinux-dev] ide driver, raw_readsw, on arm

Fabrice Gautier Fabrice_Gautier at sdesigns.com
Fri Apr 12 23:35:06 EDT 2002


I'm trying to use the ide to my arm based platform, and so far, the cdrom
drive is detected by the driver but when the driver try to read the data
after the identify command, thats seems garbage (I cant have the model name
for example)

One thing that seems strange to me is the way __raw_readsw is compiled.

In the assembly file, it uses ldrh rn, [rm] instructions but in then it
seems its compiled as pairs of instruction like:

ldr rn,[rm]
and rn,0xffff

I think this is (one of) a problem for me, because if I use ldr i probably
read 32bits of data and so i'm loosing half of it.

Anybody noticed this strange behaviour of gcc ? Or knows how to correct it?


Fabrice Gautier, 
Fabrice_Gautier at sdesigns.com
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