[uClinux-dev] 68*328 time patch

pengyi pengyi at baby.seiwa-ele.co.jp
Tue Apr 2 09:11:39 EST 2002

Hi Georges:
 I am excited to know what you did because I am puzzled about the
My arch. is ucsimm and would you please tell me what can I do to reactivate
the problem?
as you see the ucsimm is working under linux-2.0.38...

Thank you and best regards

Yi Peng
pengyi at seiwa-ele.co.jp

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From: "Menie, Georges" <gmenie at akamai.com>
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Subject: [uClinux-dev] 68*328 time patch

> Here is a patch which reactivate the lost_ticks
> computation for the m68knommu arch. The patch should be
> run against the linux-2.4.x module in CVS.
> The lost ticks calculation allow for a more accurate
> gettimeofday function call.
> Greg, David, could you apply it ?
> Regards,
> Georges

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