[uClinux-dev] Quick question about Multitasking

Phil Wilshire philwil at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 1 10:58:10 EST 2002

Hi Jim

The Zaurus has an MMU so no problems

Without an MMU you simply call vfork and then execve followed by _exit
release the parent thread.

look in the inetd example in a UcLinux distribution..

  Phil Wilshire

Jim wrote:
> Hi all,
> I picked up a Zaurus last week that runs ucLinux and I must say it is
> pretty cool. It is impressive to see Linux running so well on
> something so small!
> I had a question about how the multitasking works w/o an MMU. The
> documentation says that vfork is used to mimic the functionality of
> fork. Can I assume that to launch multiple programs, you need to
> create a thread before calling vfork? (since vfork will block until
> the child dies?)
> Jim
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