[uClinux-dev] gdb with Coldfire BDM (5307)

Manigandan.V manigandanv at myw.ltindia.com
Mon Nov 26 10:39:45 EST 2001

 I had attached 5307.gdb init file ..
As for as I know I could not find any particular patch for kernel debugging .(I think you are expecting something like kgdb patch)
I think gdb-bdm can solve your purpose . 
If some one has used any other technique do share with us .


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  Dear V Manigandan 
              Your information regarding BDM through GDB is quiet useful...  I am installing the same for MCF5307 Coldfire board.. But finding difficulty to get the gdb init file, My efforts to search the init file 5307.gdb in uclinux site is still in vain.. Would u please help me to provide me some information about that file.. 

              Moroever I am interested to install Kernel debugging through GDB for the same MCF5307 board... Iam finding for the patches and information regarding kernel debugger installation for my board..  It would be more helpful if you are able to provide me information in steps in similar fashion as that of BDM through GDB. 

              Thanks in advance 

  With Regards 

  V Satia 

  "Manigandan.V" wrote: 

    I had used bdm through gdb for M5272C3 board .The steps i had followed are1.download gdb 5.0 (ftp://sources.redhat.com/pub/gdb/old-releases/)2.Apply bdm patch for gdb (ftp://www.cybertec.com.au/pub/bdm)3.get gdb init file 5272.gdb (you can find this in uclinux archive)4.type the command  to start debugging m68k-elf-gdb --command=5272.gdbRegards,Mani 
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       Does anyone know how (of if) gdb can be configured to operate with the BDM 
      interface on Coldfire processors (specifically, the Motorola M5272C3 eval 
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