[uClinux-dev] RAM/ROM requirements for uClinux

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Fri Nov 30 21:11:42 EST 2001

Paul Carpenter wrote:
> We're trying to determine what are the minimum allowable RAM and Flash sizes
> for running uClinux (  Our main/largest application is quite
> small: code < 64KB, data < 64KB.  We may need login and SSH, otherwise the
> barebones build of kernel/user apps may suffice.  I haven't tried using
> busybox or tinylogin, so I don't know what savings are there yet.  Flash
> size may not be much of an issue (StrataFlash is fairly cheap & not overly
> power hungry).  But what about RAM?  Intuitively, does anyone think that we
> can run with 1MB?  How about 512KB.  Currently, power consumption is our
> biggest concern (so SDRAM is out).  Thanks in advance for insight.

Absolute minimum is 1Meg each: Flash/PROM & RAM.  You cannot do much
with it, but it will boot and let you log in...  I use 8Meg DRAM and
boot from a Compact Flash.  If you are going to use a secure shell
(openSSH), then I wouldn't skimp on the RAM / Flash.  I would say that 2
meg of Flash and 4 Meg RAM should make you quite confortable.


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