[uClinux-dev] Just a general question about ucLinux reliability.

George mail at gstein.com
Fri Nov 30 18:38:24 EST 2001

Good Afternoon.  I am about to embark upon a new project which will require Linux running on the cheapest ethernet connected
processor possible.  I am considering ucLinux on a Coldfire 5206. Question.  Has anybody had any reliability problems runing ucLinux
on the Coldfire for long periods of time?  My application is small enough that my code should be reliable but I am concerned about
the lack of MMU memory protection.  Minor gremlins that might be hiding in Linux would simply kill ucLinux.  This is going to be a
very minimal system with ethernet, serial ports and a minimal read-only flash file system.  Any feedback would be thoroughly
appreciated.   George Stein.

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