[uClinux-dev] agetty/login problems

Matt Waddel mattw at lineo.com
Fri Nov 30 14:47:43 EST 2001

Paul Carpenter wrote:

> I'm trying to get login to work on my 5272C3 with release
> I've put the following line into /etc/inittab on the target:
> ttyS0:vt100:/bin/agetty -l /bin/login ttyS0 19200
> When I boot the target, the normal kernel init. stuff is displayed,
> including the banner logo, then the command prompt appears.  If I do
> nothing, the login prompt appears after about 3 seconds.  However, if I try
> to type anything, nothing appears in the target window and the target
> appears to "lock up".  If, however, during those 3 seconds before the login
> prompt appears I type a valid command (e.g., "ls"), then when the login
> prompt appears I AM able to enter a login user and password.  I have NOT
> been able to successfully log in yet (I am using root/uClinux as user/pwd).
> So when it prompts me to try to log in again, it always locks up.
> Three questions surface:
> 1. Why the delay from the banner logo/command prompt display until the login
> prompt appears?  Actually, shouldn't the login prompt come up BEFORE the
> command shell prompt?  Otherwise, we have a brief window of security
> vulnerability.
> 2. Why can't I log in successfully?  Is "root/uClinux" not correct?  I
> thought I read awhile back at uClinux.org (in the FAQ) that the password in
> uClinux.  Looked in login.c and passwd.c and couldn't pinpoint a "default"
> password.
> 3. Why does the login input "freeze up" under certain predictable
> conditions?

A couple of things you might try-

1) Remove the agetty command from the inittab and let the system boot
to a shell prompt.  From there you can run each part of the inittab
seperately and see the results.  When I run the /bin/login on my 5272
system it immediately responds with a request for the root password.
Running "/bin/agetty 19200 ttyS0" standalone yields a normal login:/
passwd: request.  That might help narrow down the problem.

2) Is the /etc/passwd file present?  This passwd file doesn't have the
standard password file syntax, it looks like:
passwd abvQyXa0CDjIA
The "root/uClinux" username/password are correct.

Hope this helps.

> Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
> Paul Carpenter (Firmware Engineer)
> Northern Computers, Inc.
> Milwaukee, WI
> 414.769.5980 x4322 (voice)
> 414.769.5989 (fax)
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