[uClinux-dev] RAM/ROM requirements for uClinux

Paul Carpenter paul.carpenter at eng.nciaccess.com
Fri Nov 30 13:15:13 EST 2001

We're trying to determine what are the minimum allowable RAM and Flash sizes
for running uClinux (  Our main/largest application is quite
small: code < 64KB, data < 64KB.  We may need login and SSH, otherwise the
barebones build of kernel/user apps may suffice.  I haven't tried using
busybox or tinylogin, so I don't know what savings are there yet.  Flash
size may not be much of an issue (StrataFlash is fairly cheap & not overly
power hungry).  But what about RAM?  Intuitively, does anyone think that we
can run with 1MB?  How about 512KB.  Currently, power consumption is our
biggest concern (so SDRAM is out).  Thanks in advance for insight.

Paul Carpenter
Northern Computers

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