[uClinux-dev] relocs problems with arm

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Fri Nov 30 02:29:54 EST 2001

Hi Fabrice,

Fabrice Gautier wrote:
> It seems better indeed (flat_dump no report relocs) but it's not yet good.
> I think i have an endianness problem.
> Once loaded the relocation entries contain 0xa6530040 while the offset of
> the data is 0x46a4,
> and the base offset is 0x020d0000.

How did you display these values?
(I assume you mean a PC utility dumped the hex, thus intrepreting
the data in the binary as little endian).

That elf2flt I pointed to does generate a file with big endian
data (opposit a norma x86 PC).

> If i do 0x20d0000 + 0xa4460000 (0x46a4 swapped) + 0x40 (size of the header)
> i get 0xa6530040
> so there must something bad in the endiannes.
> My host is a pc and the offset seems to be coded like on a pc (big-endian, i
> guess we call that).  Wheras my target may be little endian.

If your target is little endian then your generated elf2flt
files aren't going to work :-)

> I guess that i should correct either elf2flt or the kernel loader, but i'm
> not sure which or how? I woudl say its more likely elf2flt but who knows...
> Any thoughts?

I think you need to change elf2flt to generate little endian
binaries if that is what your target needs.


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