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Fabrice Gautier Fabrice_Gautier at sdesigns.com
Thu Nov 29 14:00:48 EST 2001

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> Hi.
> Last week I asked lineo if their uclinux distribution 
> supports C++ and I
> got the following answer:
> > > 1. Does the distribution for arm7tdmi support C++?
> > The uClinux C++ support is not production ready at this point though
> > work is underway.
> Also the distribution from netsilicon doesn't supports C++ correctly.
> It seems to me that the gcc doesn't support C++ for arm at 
> this time. :-((

However, gcc-2.95 for arm support C++ quite well. Indeed, eCos kernel is
mainly written in C++ and use gcc-2.95 since ever.

What may be not supported is:
- nifty patches for XIP that work with C++
- maybe elf2flt doesn't support C++
- STL 

Fabrice Gautier, 
Fabrice_Gautier at sdesigns.com

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