[uClinux-dev] Palm Vx progress...

Jody Pearson jody.pearson at cern.ch
Thu Nov 29 03:51:32 EST 2001

Hi All,

Please could you tell me what the state of play is with the development
of the Palm port of uClinux.

I have been following this discussion group for many months now, and
wondered where we are.

I myself can offer precious little development skills, but would be very
interested in getting involved in the documentation of this particular
port - there seems to be almost nothing.

I have tried the Palm Loader on my Palm Vx, but I simply get a fatall
exception, likewise the vmlinux.rom, and all of my compiled roms, fail
on the device, but work under xcopilot.

Is it simply that the Palm Vx works _too_ differently from other models


Jody Pearson

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