[uClinux-dev] BDM revisited

Bruce Paterson bruce at tele-ip.com
Wed Nov 28 23:56:25 EST 2001

Thomas Andrews wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> To get rid of the error about /dev/bdmcf0 edit
> ..../insight-5.0/gdb/gdbtk/library/targetselection.itb and change bdmcf0 to
> bdmicd0

Thanks Tom... thats the bit I needed (I had been searching for slightly
the wrong thing) !

Unfortunately it didn't quite get me all the way there.
I'm using my own sfp.insight file (modified from the original .gdbinit68
file used with 
the coff gdb).

I succeed with connecting to the target.

I can do chip select setup ("addresses", "setup-cs") from
"setup-and-load" (I tested it manually
from a console window of gdb).

I can examine memory using "x /100 100" in the console window, but
occasionally it comes
back with "BDM error: Invalid target command". It really does seem to be
talking to the target

I can't load files though !!
If I try "load afile" in the console window it always comes back with
"Error: Not an object file".
I get this error for binary, elf and coff format files. I have tried
both explicit paths or
"cd xxx". "Download" menu option fails with the same error. It's a bit
of a mystery whats going
on here !  In the old m68k-coff-gdb "load" used to load a binary image
no problem.

> > Background:
> > I have d/l Insight5.1 and patched it with the BDM patches for
> > gdb5.0/insight5.0. I had to do some
> > patching by hand due to the 5.0->5.1 change but these seemed trivial.
> > The patches come from the
> > Coldfire release, but are also meant to support ICD cables on MC68360
> > (cpu32).
> > I have compiled the m68k-bdm-gdb sucessfully and the insight application
> > runs.
> > I have uninstalled Pavel's bdm driver, and instead installed the bdm
> > driver that comes with this
> > Coldfire release (it uses a different major number, different /dev
> > entries and the bdm.h file is
> > quite different). I used this one's bdm.h file when compiling the
> > insight code.
> >
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