[uClinux-dev] Question regarding ucLinux updateforucGardener/simm(fwd)

Claudio Duffini claudio.duffini at sacrocuore.it
Wed Nov 28 13:00:32 EST 2001

Tom Walsh wrote:
> Thank you.  Do you mean that the latest version of the nfs protocol is
> version 3?  Somehow I assumed that there was a version 4?

According to the IETF, this is the latest v4 RFC :

3010 NFS version 4 Protocol. S. Shepler, B. Callaghan, D. Robinson, R.
     Thurlow, C. Beame, M. Eisler, D. Noveck. December 2000. (Format:
     TXT=450434 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1813, RFC1094) (Status: PROPOSED

But it seems too early to implement it in commercial Un*x(es).
We must go with v3, for now.


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