[uClinux-dev] How can I generate my own ROM for xcopilot ?

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Wed Nov 28 11:38:55 EST 2001

Fabian Skivée wrote:
> Hello,
>         Thanks for all advice I received for my previous questions. Now I can
> compile a uClinux and create a vmlinux.rom for the xcopilot. I can execute it
> and it works very well.
>         But now, I try to create my own rom from nothing. I try to understand the
> procedure use from uClinux to create the vmlinux.rom. But when I use the
> xcopilot with my rom, I received the error : "shmat : Invalid argument".
>         I try to make the least rom it's possible with almost nothing in it, just
> enought to put a value in memory and so can see if it's well done. I make a
> little crt0.S file :
>         init :
>                         move.w #100, 0x400
>                         bsr exit
>         exit :  bsr exit
>         I use the pilot.ld (that I found in the pilot directory), see in
> attachement. I give you my Makefile. I also use the script fixup.pl (from the
> pilot source).
>         I'm not confident that the pilot.ld is good.

This may help: http://home.at/uldp/uclinux_doc_4.html#SEC27

That document explains about what is inside the .ld file and gives a
practical example.


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