[uClinux-dev] Question regarding ucLinux update for ucGardener/simm(fwd)

Claudio Duffini claudio.duffini at sacrocuore.it
Wed Nov 28 10:15:57 EST 2001

Hi Per

Per Winkvist wrote:
> When I do a "mount -t nfs 192.168....:/foo /bar" I get NFS:NFS v3 not
> supported. mount ..... unknown error 22
> To get nfs mounts working do I need to add nfs support as a module to the
> kernel and recompile ? (Currently I only have slhc and isdn as modules)

Not a module issue. I had the same problem until I discovered the "enable v3 NFS"
choice while in the 'make menuconfig' phase.


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