[uClinux-dev] BDM revisited

Thomas Andrews tandrews at mindspring.co.za
Wed Nov 28 07:11:00 EST 2001

Hi Bruce,

I went down the same road. I found that in order to get Insight to work with 
the BDM you have to do *different* patches to gdb. Your email seems to 
confirm this. Chris John is the person who is maintaining the version in 
particular. He's actually doing ColdFire stuff, but besides one tiny little 
hand patch, everything works nicely for the 68360. I got the stuff here: 

To get rid of the error about /dev/bdmcf0 edit 
..../insight-5.0/gdb/gdbtk/library/targetselection.itb and change bdmcf0 to 


Bruce Paterson wrote:

> Hi,
> Having trouble getting insight going.
> My situation is as follows:
> ICD cable which works with Pavel Pisa's bdm driver (patch to gdb-5.0). I
> can happily load
> and debug code, but only with coff format files.
> Insight, however, complains about an "Invalid target command" when I try
> to connect to the
> target (and talks about /dev/bdmcf0, but I think this is a bug in the
> debugs).
> Background:
> I have d/l Insight5.1 and patched it with the BDM patches for
> gdb5.0/insight5.0. I had to do some
> patching by hand due to the 5.0->5.1 change but these seemed trivial.
> The patches come from the
> Coldfire release, but are also meant to support ICD cables on MC68360
> (cpu32).
> I have compiled the m68k-bdm-gdb sucessfully and the insight application
> runs.
> I have uninstalled Pavel's bdm driver, and instead installed the bdm
> driver that comes with this
> Coldfire release (it uses a different major number, different /dev
> entries and the bdm.h file is
> quite different). I used this one's bdm.h file when compiling the
> insight code.

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