[uClinux-dev] can't build uclibc with lastest distro

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Tue Nov 27 19:56:38 EST 2001

Jivin Lance Spaulding lays it down ...
> I can't get the latest distribution to build if I select uclibc as the target
> library.  It does work OK if I select uc-libc.  The target I'm trying to
> compile is the Atmel AT91 and the output error I get when configured for uclibc
> is:
> for i in uClibc libnet libsmalloc libdmalloc ; do [ ! -d $i ] || make -C $i ||
> e
> xit  ; done
> make[2]: Entering directory
> `/mnt/lance_hpux/oldarm/uclinux/tmp/uClinux-dist/uCl
> ibc'
> Rules.mak:25: Config: No such file or directory
> You didn't read the README, did you... =)
> Choose a configuration file in extras/Config/ and copy it to ./Config.
> make[2]: *** [Config] Error 1
> Do I need to do something else besides simply select uclibc during the 'make
> menuconfig' or uclibc not supported on the AT91?

You would need config.uClibc in your vendors/VENDOR/PRODUCT dir with the
correct settings for your platform.  Not many platforms have uClibc configs
in the tree at the moment.  uC-libc should work fine for your target if you
want a quick fix,


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