[uClinux-dev] BDM Init Error messages

twebster at daksoft.com twebster at daksoft.com
Tue Nov 27 18:56:05 EST 2001

My first thought after seeing the lights blinking told me that the machine
didn't have an IP address.  My other boxes pick up an address with DHCP but
this one appears not to.  I put a crossover in between my pc and the
snapgear and gave my pc but I still can't get to the SnapGear.
How can I get into the SnapGear to set the IP address?  The CD does not
detect the unit on the network?

How can I get into the machine?
Is there a way to turn the console on from the BDB cable, then I can get
into the box with Minicom?

Tony Webster

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Hi Tony,

twebster at daksoft.com wrote:
> Ok, I got the BDM cable working now, on my second machine.  First gave me
> all kinds of errors.

I have heard stories of problems with the parallel port on
some systems.

> Now, I tried to recover the machine with the following gdb commands
>      c
>      load images/image.elf
>      set $pc = 0x400
>      c
> The image.elf loads fine after a few minutes, I execute the set command
> that works fine.
> But when I execute c, it prints out "Continuing" and then sits there and
> does nothing?

That is normal. While the 'c' is just sitting there the ColdFire
CPU is running. You can interrupt execution with CTRL-C, if you
want too stop it. (Although you don't want to do that in this

>   I notice all the board lights come on and all of them start
> flashing but the system does not appear to boot,
>      1. Should I see any messages that the command completed?

No, it is still continuing exection.

>      2. The image should boot but I don't see any console messages,
> I?

This depends on what you had the kernel boot arg set to
for the console. This is stored in FLASH on the SG units.
The factory default is console disable, so unless you actually
changed it you will see no serial console.

>      3.  How big should the image.elf be?

Normally pretty big. It will be something like 4MB to 5MB.

The flashing lights indicates that the box is up and running.
If it has no IP address (all lights flashing) then you need
to give it an IP address first. Once you have that then point
a web browser at the box, and go to the advanced menu item.
>From here select the FLASH upgrade and load the new firmware
into the FLASH.

(The BDM load only loads a new image into RAM, no FLASH.
So you need to do this last re-FLASH step).


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