[uClinux-dev] ARM 946 I-cache problems

Durgesh Pattamatta DPattamatta at valencesemi.com
Tue Nov 27 18:40:49 EST 2001


I am porting uclinux 2.4.10-uc1 to ARM 946ES processor on ARM Integrator
development platform. I am able to run kernel with busybox 0.52 on this
board without enabling I-cache and D-cache. The kernel works fine with only
D-cache enabled also. But when I enable I-cache the kernel crashes randomly
with data aborts or prefetch aborts (mostly after starting kswapd deamon or
after mounting romfs). I have written cache flush routines (according to ARM
946 mannual specs) for 946 in proc-arm946.s and linked with kernel. I have
used the same technique used by proc-arm940.s to hook the flush routines
with kernel. It looks to me that I need to do something more to get uclinux
kernel working with I-cache enabled. Did anyone face similar kind of problem
with ARM940T based boards ? Since cache architecture of ARM940 and ARM946
are similar. 

I would greatly appreciate if somebody could give some pointers/ tips to
solve this I-cache problems.

with best regards,
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