[uClinux-dev] userland problem in arm

Lycourgus Papageorgiou lpapageorgiou at patras.atmel.com
Tue Nov 27 11:23:16 EST 2001


I am trying to compile the userland applications in an arm-uclinux environment (I have compiled uclinux 2.0.38-7 kernel). I have no problems with compiling the kernel, but when I
try to compile the userland applications , compilation goes fine untill arm-uclinux-ld starts doing it's job. 
arm-uclinux-ld says something like "undefined reference to printf" etc.
The option -L/opt/uClinux/uC-libc/ does not affect it's attitude. Also it does not recognize the option  -l/opt/uClinux/uC-libc/libc.a    .

Does anyone has any idea of what maybe wrong??

Thanks a lot..
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