[uClinux-dev] Can't find init

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Mon Nov 26 23:51:46 EST 2001

Bruce Paterson wrote:
> Hi,
> Well I've sucessfully got the newer 2.4.x kernel running on the 68360,
> except for one last step (I hope).
> The ROM-FS is found and loads sucessfully (now), but after that I get a
> kernel panic: no init found.

IIRC, I had the same problem when working with 2.4 and it turned out
that only part of the romfs actually in memory.  I had a miscalculation
in the length of the romfs image by my loader (a compact flash is my
boot device, I boot via EPROM).  The loader I am speaking of is NOT
crt0.S! It took a while to dump sections of the romfs from memory and
compare it with the romfs.img file, but I eventually found it.  What was
happening was that part of the romfs got loaded and the blkmem.c was
assuming that since the romfs header was in memory that the whole romfs
was there.


> My romfs filesystem looks ok to me, and it certainly has a /bin/init
> (the base one, not the busybox
> one). My /etc/rc and /etc/inittab files look ok to me.
> If anyone has any specific hints where to look that would be great !
> I am attempting to debug init/main.c where it tries to run init, but
> since right at the moment I'm
> using the original coff patched gdb to debug the elf based distro it's a
> bit of a mess :-)
> Yes of course I'll be getting some elf tools going shortly (thinking of
> going straight to Insight).
> Cheers,
> Bruce
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