[uClinux-dev] romfs problem

Jennifer fmchang01 at yahoo.com.tw
Mon Nov 26 09:35:07 EST 2001


My CPU is Samsung s3c4510 (ARM7TDMI). My kernel is 2.0.38 and the development environment was gotten from the EB40 development CD. My start_kernel() seems fine and the blkmem_init() was called. While it read the romfs, the probelm happened. The arena[0].length will be very large because the code was compiled into the little-endian. The code in the memory are "00 02 CD 50" and after the translated to long it will become 0x50cd0200. It extend my ROM limitation. If the value is translated into 0x02cd50, it match the length of the romdisk.img.  from the "genromfs" manual page, it points that there is endian bug. Does it mean this bug? If so, does I need to modify the blkmem_init() function? If so, why my EB40 evaluation board does not have such problem? Could anyone tell me how should I handle the probelm?
The content of the romdisk.img are
2D 72 6F 6D 31 66 73 2D 00 02 CD 50 0A 6B 8B 52 4F 4D 20 ... 

blkmem_init( void )
  for(i=0;i<arenas;i++) {
    if (arena[i].length == -1)
      arena[i].length = *(volatile unsigned long *)(arena[i].address + 8);

ps.   CAT_ROMARRAY  is defined

Best Regards,
Jennifer F. Chang
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