[uClinux-dev] hi , I want to find the code based on x86

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Sun Nov 25 04:30:08 EST 2001

263linux wrote:
> thank you very much .
> but I did not find the source code of ucLinux there.
> I want to find the code of uClinux ... which based on x86.
> So could you tell me where I can find it ? or I should take more care about the website and would find the code package finally.

There is no version of uClinux that would run on the x86 processors. 
There is no need for a uClinux version to do that, x86 processors will
run the normal linux.  uClinux is for processors that do not have an MMU
(Memory Manager Unit), x86 processors have and MMU so we don't need
anything for them to run uClinux.


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