[uClinux-dev] Making a _real_ release of uClibc

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Fri Nov 23 21:50:38 EST 2001

On Sat Nov 24, 2001 at 02:31:25AM -0000, D. Jeff Dionne wrote:
> Yup.  I still like the one that was there before, the GNU regex is,
> well GNU so it's a real kitchen sink.  I'm also still concerned about

Yeah, it certainly needs a replacement.  But the old regex was
using the old SysV regexp interface, not the new POSIX regex one.

The dietlibc folks have a nice small regex implementation (havn't
looked to see how standards compliant it is), but since they are
GPL and we are LGPL we can't use that one.  

Anyway, this is certainly an area to look into. 

> malloc, but really I will admit that since the last time we had a
> conversation about it, I've not looked.  The Doug Lea malloc seems
> to be the one people are using, but it's big.  Last I looked the
> glibc one seemed to be a derivative work.  I think that's likely
> what you've (still) got in there, which is a good thing I think except
> that I'd like to move it _right into the kernel_ to replace kmalloc
> in uClinux.  That means that in user space we'll still be wanting
> thin wrappers around mmap.

Which is why I provide _three_ malloc implementations...  The
nice malloc-simple I threw together is probably going to remain
the best choice for most uClinux apps.  I believe (havn't looked
recently) Davidm has his kmalloc2 in the kernel these days, which
should help avoid the fragmentation problems we used to see.

> BTW, we ran into some scary structure mismatches between the
> kernel and the uClibc on MIPS big endin uClinux.  Do you have
> confidence the structures are correctly translated if/when needed
> since user programs are no longer dependant on kernel headers?
> Check out 5 arg syscalls.

When?  About a week ago I fixed up the headers for m68k, sparc,
and mipsel.  I feel pretty confident they should all be basicaly
ok, but I havn't really done any work on mips cpus...


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