[uClinux-dev] lists confusion

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Fri Nov 23 18:43:54 EST 2001

Jivin mdurrant at uclinux.org lays it down ...
> A uCdimm list does exist as well but no one is presently subscribed.
> IMHO Both the uCsimm and uCdimm should be merged to form a hardware
> related list for Net+40, NETtel, uCdimm/uCsimm, Devboards etc ...  Leaving
> the uClinux-dev list for kernel and tools related posting.
> Please forward comments to mdurrant at uclinux.org I will give a few weeks
> for comments and then if no serious objections I will make the changes.

Not that I mind either way :-),  but with the amount of cross posting that
occurs I would be happy with everything going to the one list, uclinux-dev.

The questions that are purely HW related are generally few,  and most
certainly don't clog up the list.  Besides that they are usually cross
posted to uclinux-dev anyway ;-)


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