[uClinux-dev] Re: question about Interrupt handler

Vladimir Vorobyov Vladimir.Vorobyov at iss.org.ua
Fri Nov 23 05:11:53 EST 2001


Continuing Interrupt handlers topic I want to ask some questions:

1) I know that I can't transfer data to/from user space from interrupt
handler and the best way to do it is to wake_up another part of driver
(for example read function) and let it to perform transferring data from
to user space. But 'woken_up' process can strart executing only after next
timer tick (is it correct ?), in other words after <=10msec. For my task I
have to
read large amount of data from FIFO buffer rather fast and 10msec delay
will dramatically decrease transfer speed. Could you give me an advise how
to solve this problem ?

2) On the other hand, I work on the rocessor without MMU (MCF5272) and
transferring data to/from user space from interrupt handler works properly,
is it correct to do it (write to user space directly)?

Any help will be appreciated.

p.s. I work with uClinux 2.0.38

Thanks / Regards.

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