[uClinux-dev] lists confusion

Ryan.HARKIN at syntegra.com Ryan.HARKIN at syntegra.com
Fri Nov 23 04:57:28 EST 2001

I'll discuss this with you.... :)

I haven't seen the list at kc-inc.net; I went to their site but there are no
links on there.

AFAIK, there is a list specifically for the uCsimm, but not the uCdimm.  I
have heard the uCdimm mentioned in this forum (uclinux-dev) many times
before:  look in the archive and see,

So, I guess that if you want to talk about the uCdimm, here is as good a
place as any.  As long as you make it clear that your message relates to the
uCdimm then I doubt anyone would mind.

Most of the topics on this list cover coding issues, not just with the
kernel.  However, the odd general topic gets discussed here too.  People
here seem very enthusiastic about uClinux and related issues and if your
question is well formed, you can usually expect some feedback.


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> > There is a uclinux mailing list at kc-inc.net. There is a 
> uclinux-dev
> > mailing list at uclinux.org. The uclinux.org web only refers to
> > uclinux-dev. Does that mean the other list is not official, 
> or not used,
> > or is it supposed to cover different topics? from the names 
> one would
> > guess uclinux-dev is meant to cover development issues on the kernel
> > itself, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
> Anyone?
> Please?
> I'm just trying not to post stuff to wrong lists. Is it OK to post
> general issues about uCdimm, m68k-elf-gcc, uClibc, porting 
> problems etc.
> here? I see no (well, little) traffic on uclinux at kc-inc.net.
> /L
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