[uClinux-dev] errors with smbmount on M5272C3 target

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Thu Nov 22 22:26:43 EST 2001

Jimi Simpson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am in the midst of developing my first application under uClinux for
> an M5272C3 target and have reached the stage where I need to smbmount
> onto a shared network file server. I have built the default
> Motorola/M5272 big ram configuration and noticed that by default
> smbmount appears to have been included in the binary build. I have so
> far tried various permutations of the smbmount command but I am failing
> miserably to gain any success with this. Basically the command that I
> have had most success with so far is one that has the following syntax:
> -
> smbmount //venus/users /mnt/shared -n -c venus -I -U
> jsimpson
> This I am sure is of the form proposed in section 8 of the development
> notes (follow link www.uclinux.org/ports/coldfire/notes.html ) however I
> get the following error message: -
> />
> /> smbmount //venus/users /mnt/shared -n -c venus -I -U
> jsimpson
> smb_request in sock.c (debugging)
> smb_request in sock.c (debugging)
> smb_request in sock.c (debugging)
> smb_read_super in inode.c (debugging)
> smb_dont_catch_keepalive: server->data_ready == NULL
> mount error: Invalid argument
> Please look at smbmount's manual page for possible reasons
> />

'smbmount //venus/users /mnt/shared' should be all that is needed.  Make
sure that you can ping the server by name 'ping venus', this will ensure
that the name can be resolved.  If you still have problems, double check
that you can mount the volume via another linux box (or Windoze box). 
Failing that, make a pcguest account, remove the password in
/etc/passwd/, e.g.:


Where the '!!' is what the password should be set to, you may also have
to set the shadow entry to use '!!' as the password field, not sure but
mine is set that way:


You should now be able to mount the volume from another box, once have
verified this can be done, then try it from the embedded system.


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