[uClinux-dev] pthreads, gui(microwindows),loader and debugger

Vishwanath vishwanath at inablers.net
Thu Nov 22 05:04:28 EST 2001

hi erik,
    can u be a bit more specific as to what parts of the uclibc are non
rentrant so that i could see what best i can do.

thanks a lot

Erik Andersen wrote:

> On Tue Nov 20, 2001 at 04:50:37PM +0530, Vishwanath wrote:
> > hi,
> >     i'm trying to port uclinux onto my board having an ARM7TDMI based
> > CPU.  I have a few queries before taking this up.
> > 1) POSIX threads:
> >          Does uclibc support all the thread related calls ? what i found
> > from the pthread.c file in libpthread directory is that it supports only
> > pthread_create() with a few calls related to mutexes and condition
> > variables. also from the mailing list i found i need to integrate either
> > glibc or FSUthreads library. are there any plans to integrate this with
> > uclibc or is it an individual effort?
> The current uClibc pthread support (if you can call it that) is
> basically a stub I put together in about 30 minutes this last
> week so I could test the clone syscall on x86.  Yes it compiles
> and it works (on x86, havn't added clone to other arches yet) and
> is source compatible with glibc's pthreads.  But the current
> stuff is far from a complete pthreads solution.  For simple
> things (such as the little test app I was testing with) it will
> work just fine.  For anything complex, much more of the pthread
> API will need to be implemented, and many areas in uClibc will
> need to be made fully re-entrant.  I am hoping to begin working
> on all that in earnest early this coming year.
> FSUthreads should work fine, but you will still be limited by the
> non-reentrant parts of uClibc.
>  -Erik
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