[uClinux-dev] run application crash

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Thu Nov 22 01:23:37 EST 2001

Hi Xueju,

xueju at comease.com wrote:
>      My hardware is coldfire card III,

Do you mean the Cadre-III board?
Is it the 5307 Cadre-III?

> kernel is 2.0.38, after run my
> application, the system will crash, the message is :
> KERNEL: Bad trap from supervisor state, vector=3
> COMM=swapper PID=0
> trap.c(73): BUSS ERROR TRAP
> ......
> What problem it probably would be?

There is a couple of possible causes that often come up:

1. Bad power. Make sure you are using a good power supply.

2. dBUG firmware problem. Older revisions of the Cadre-III
   (5307 version) had bugs that did not setup the DRAM


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