[uClinux-dev] romfs placement question 68360

Bruce Paterson bruce at tele-ip.com
Wed Nov 21 19:54:30 EST 2001

Ok, the dumb questions coming thick and fast now :-)

Using the new source tar-ball and porting for an MC68360, kernel 2.4.x.

I'm a bit confused as to where the romfs binary ends up in

According to my linux-2.4.x/System.map, my sections have ended up as
00000 ramvec	(*not* included in image, linux.text) ok
28000 text      (in linux.text -> image.bin) ok  (NB: 28000 is for my
own backwards compat requirements)
be6c4 romvec    (in linux.text -> image.bin) ok  (fine, RO data gets
copied to ramvec)
beac0 data      (in linux.data -> image.bin) ok
d8058 edata     ok
d8060 bss       (doesn't end up in linux.data or linux.text) that is
ea604 ebss      ok

Now what the vendor Makefile does (copied from Lineo) is
 linux.text+linux.data+romfs.img -> image.bin

Doesn't this end up putting romfs over the top of bss ?  It'll get
on by the startup code that clears bss.

With 2.0.38 I had done my own thing (had a dedicated section for romfs
in ram.ld), and
it seemed to work quite differently anyway. There was a romfs.ld file.

Is romfs meant to end up between edata and bss somehow, and therefore
bss is linked
up above it ? That would mean the result of the genromfs size would
somehow have to
be fed back into the kernel link (and be reflected in System.map). Also
would need to exclude it somehow.

Before I hack in my own "romfs" section, does anyone know how this is
meant to work ?
Possibly I just copied a bad example.

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