[uClinux-dev] BDM Init Error messages

twebster at daksoft.com twebster at daksoft.com
Wed Nov 21 14:56:57 EST 2001

I am trying to get my BDM cable to work with a SnapGear Pro unit (coldfire
processor).  I am receiving two different error messages on two different

Machine 1
     RedHat 7.1 using gdb-bdm-20010901 from

     I did a make install of the driver and the loaded the module, insmod
     Then installed the library   cd lib ; make install
     Then cd test ; make
     ./chk /dev/bdmcpu320

     When I execute the chk command I receive the following error

     Inappropriate ioctl for device

Machine 2.
     RedHat 6.2 using gdb-bdm020010901
     Did same install of driver, then ran chk test
     ./chk /dev/bdmcpu320

     Receive the following error

Open failed: No power to BDM adapter

If I try running m68k-bdm-elf-gdb from my source root, using the
nettel2530.gdb init script I receive the following error

     .gdbinit:7: Error in sourced comand file.


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