[uClinux-dev] lists confusion

J R Lars listpoppa at home.se
Wed Nov 21 10:21:14 EST 2001

Hi all

I'm doing some development on uCdimm since a couple of months. After
some serious surfing I'm beginning to find my way around the various
relevant resources across the net. I still have a few questions:

1. There is a uclinux mailing list at kc-inc.net. There is a uclinux-dev
mailing list at uclinux.org. The uclinux.org web only refers to
uclinux-dev. Does that mean the other list is not official, or not used,
or is it supposed to cover different topics? from the names one would
guess uclinux-dev is meant to cover development issues on the kernel
itself, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

2. Are there any other important mailing lists or news groups?


If a research project is not worth doing at all, it is not worth doing
	-- Gordon's Law
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