[uClinux-dev] getting dns server names from ISP

J R Lars listpoppa at home.se
Wed Nov 21 09:59:30 EST 2001

> Onur Ekinci wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>  I m working on Motorola 5272 kit(coldfire processor). I connect to
> ISP using pppd(version 2.3).I get ip,subnet mask,default gateway form
> ISP but dns server names don't.
> I m sure my ISP to send all of these information.How can I fix this
> problem. Is this problem due to pppd configuration?I m using diald to
> run pppd.  "/bin/pppd -detach  modem crtscts mtu <mtu> mru <mru>
> netmask <netmask>  " is executing in diald.
> Thank you for sharing your time with me.
> Onur Ekinci

Hi Onur

It appears this was added in 2.3.6. What 2.3 are you running? Did you
follow the instructions in the README file about how to do this?

And you do have a R/W root partition?

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