[uClinux-dev] TASK_SIZE

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Tue Nov 20 23:06:03 EST 2001

Jivin Fabrice Gautier lays it down ...
> Hi,
> I found the following defenition for TASK_SIZE: (in the arm-linux ML)
> " The maximum size of a user process in bytes. Since user space always
> starts at zero, this is the maximum address that a user process can
> access+1. The user space stack grows down from this address. Any virtual
> address below TASK_SIZE is deemed to be user process area, and therefore
> managed dynamically on a process by process basis by the kernel. I'll call
> this the user segment. Anything above TASK_SIZE is common to all processes.
> I'll call this the kernel segment. (In other words, you can't put IO
> mappings below TASK_SIZE, and hence PAGE_OFFSET). "
> There is an assumption in this definition that is not true for uClinux:
> "Since user space always starts at zero, this is the maximum address that a
> user process can access+1"
> My impression is that uClinux user space start at a different adress for
> each process.


> In my case (Atmel) the RAM start at 0x02000000 (I've customized that), and
> TASK_SIZE is set 0x01a00000.
> In the kernel do_getname use TASK_SIZE to check if the pointer to the
> filename is valid. So this abviously fail. The port for EB01 in the cvs has
> dram mapped at 0x01000000 so i guess this is what nobody noticed that
> before. 2.0 doesn't seem to check pointer against TASK_SIZE. 
> The symptom of all this (for me) is that the kernel can't open the initial
> console.
> So the question is how should we correct the problem?
> 1/ - Set TASK_SIZE to maximum memory adress
> 2/ - Correct the kernel to correctly check the pointer?
> 3/ - ...
> Solution 1 sure would workaround the problem, and one can argue that anyway
> the user space is the full memeory space and that the user program can
> access any memory from user space anyway. However I think this made the
> checking user space pointer even more important...

Sounds like you need something TASK_SIZE + PAGE_OFFSET in the check.
Whack a ifdef NO_MM around it,


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