[uClinux-dev] in.h conflicts (& some fixes)

Bruce Paterson bruce at tele-ip.com
Tue Nov 20 21:04:50 EST 2001

I'm nearly there with compiling the new source bundle !
I'm using uClibc and 2.4.x kernel from the "distrib" bundle for a
m68knommu (68360) new
vendor target.

Note: For some reason when make was compiling uClib it didn't include
the -m68000 option. 
This meant when it got to "user" it failed with truncation errors since
uClibc had been compiled
with the wrong PIC model. Solved by adding -m68000 to uClib/Config:
ARCH_CFLAGS2 and re-making uClibc.
Not sure if this is a known problem or if this is the best way to solve

Note2: I had to add <termios.h> to gtermcap/termcap.c to resolve
references, and add a few <stdlib.h>
in some user apps to force the uClibc macro versions of some libc calls.

My problem now is compiling user/ifattach:
I can't see any references to this in the archives so maybe I haven't
set something up right.
I get a whole heap of conflicts between:
I'm sure only one of them is meant to be referenced, but I'm not sure
which ! They are both
included directly in ifconfig.c as <linux/in.h> and <netinet/in.h>.
Also problems with linux/if.h and linux/in.h

In file included from ifattach.c:32:
/projs/rsc/uClinux/lib/uClibc/include/linux/if.h:86: field `ifru_addr'
has incom
plete type
/projs/rsc/uClinux/lib/uClibc/include/linux/if.h:87: field
`ifru_dstaddr' has in
complete type
In file included from ifattach.c:33:
/projs/rsc/uClinux/lib/uClibc/include/linux/in.h:114: parse error before
/projs/rsc/uClinux/lib/uClibc/include/linux/in.h:114: warning: no
semicolon at e
nd of struct or union
/projs/rsc/uClinux/lib/uClibc/include/linux/in.h:121: parse error before
In file included from ifattach.c:37:
/projs/rsc/uClinux/lib/uClibc/include/netinet/in.h:35: conflicting types
for `IP
/projs/rsc/uClinux/lib/uClibc/include/linux/in.h:25: previous
declaration of `IP

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