[uClinux-dev] nfs mount trouble

Claudio Duffini claudio.duffini at sacrocuore.it
Tue Nov 20 11:28:14 EST 2001

Hi Philip

what do you mean when you say 

"the mount completes and appears to have succeeded" ???

Did you try doing a simple touch [file] or echo foo > [file] 
and removing it ? What happens ?

Even if I am on a completely different HW, it works well here.


Philip Nye wrote:
> I am trying to mount an NFS share on uClinux 2.4 (20011112 distribution)
> running on a M5272C3 board.
> First I typed:
> mount -t nfs server:/share/path /mnt
> This command appeared to hang so I tried to kill it. I then found that if I
> "kill -9" the rpciod process, the mount completes and appears to have
> succeeded.
> Can anyone suggest what is going on and how to make mount work?
> thanks
> Philip Nye

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