[uClinux-dev] Getting Start, Help

Kuang-chun Cheng kccheng at soliton.com.tw
Tue Nov 20 09:40:36 EST 2001


I just order a uCdimm DragonBall VZ kit and try
to get "Hello World" running.  I follow the
manual to install uClinux on a RH6.2.  Also upgrade
from a floppy I received with the kit.

I power on the uCevolution board, connect it to
minicom via COM1.  I saw the bootstrap message and
also the "sh" works.  Then I switch to "fast" connection
mode, and set minicom to baud rate 152000 too.  I upload
an image.bin (built following the step described in
manual, a testing built ...).

After I upload the image, I switch back to 19200 baud
rate.  Anything works fine untill I issue "goram".  I simple got
ramdom message and hang up there .... :(

What's wrong and what can I do ???  Thanks a lot.

Kuang-Chun Cheng
kccheng at soliton.com.tw

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