[uClinux-dev] pthreads, gui(microwindows),loader and debugger

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Tue Nov 20 07:23:45 EST 2001

On Tue Nov 20, 2001 at 04:50:37PM +0530, Vishwanath wrote:
> hi,
>     i'm trying to port uclinux onto my board having an ARM7TDMI based
> CPU.  I have a few queries before taking this up.
> 1) POSIX threads:
>          Does uclibc support all the thread related calls ? what i found
> from the pthread.c file in libpthread directory is that it supports only
> pthread_create() with a few calls related to mutexes and condition
> variables. also from the mailing list i found i need to integrate either
> glibc or FSUthreads library. are there any plans to integrate this with
> uclibc or is it an individual effort?

The current uClibc pthread support (if you can call it that) is
basically a stub I put together in about 30 minutes this last
week so I could test the clone syscall on x86.  Yes it compiles
and it works (on x86, havn't added clone to other arches yet) and
is source compatible with glibc's pthreads.  But the current
stuff is far from a complete pthreads solution.  For simple
things (such as the little test app I was testing with) it will
work just fine.  For anything complex, much more of the pthread
API will need to be implemented, and many areas in uClibc will
need to be made fully re-entrant.  I am hoping to begin working
on all that in earnest early this coming year.

FSUthreads should work fine, but you will still be limited by the
non-reentrant parts of uClibc.


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