[uClinux-dev] pthreads, gui(microwindows),loader and debugger

Vishwanath vishwanath at inablers.net
Tue Nov 20 06:20:37 EST 2001

    i'm trying to port uclinux onto my board having an ARM7TDMI based
CPU.  I have a few queries before taking this up.
1) POSIX threads:
         Does uclibc support all the thread related calls ? what i found
from the pthread.c file in libpthread directory is that it supports only
pthread_create() with a few calls related to mutexes and condition
variables. also from the mailing list i found i need to integrate either
glibc or FSUthreads library. are there any plans to integrate this with
uclibc or is it an individual effort?
2) GUI support:
         from the mailing list only microwindows seems to be working
with uclinux.  are all the drivers for microwindows available under
   can u point me to some other stripped down versions of xwindows,
3) Debugger support:
       Since gdb is the default debugger, are the necessary gdb stubs
provided with uclinux?  will it support thread-aware debugging.
   from my previous experiences, gdb running under remote serial
protocol doesnt seem to support debugging with interrupts enabled.  is
this also the case with uclinux?
4) Loader:
      Does uclinux support dynamic loading?

thanks a lot

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