[uClinux-dev] debugger front-ends

Thomas Andrews tandrews at mindspring.co.za
Tue Nov 20 04:49:08 EST 2001

Thanks Ram,

I downloaded 5.0, applied the patches (gdb-5.0-bdm.patch-2) and it compiles, 
installs & runs fine. I have a problem with the "Target settings" though. 
Has this debugger ever been used with a BDM ? It wants to connect vi TCP or 
serial port. The console window lets me use the normal GDB stuff, but the 
"Source" window can't be used until it is talking to the target.


Ramapriya Rangachar wrote:

> Try Insight. It is gdb + tcl/tk front-end.
> @
> http://sources.redhat.com/insight/

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