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Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Mon Nov 19 11:57:57 EST 2001

mdurrant at uclinux.org wrote:
> Everyone appreciates the efforts of all the participants of
> this list.  I have been planing to overhaul the look of all the
> uClinux.org machines for months.  So I am sorry that things are
> looking a bit tired.  For those who have recommendations please
> forward them to me or to the list.   As for content (FAQs, DOCs,
> and and text content issues) please forwad them to me
> mdurrant at uclinux.org quickly as I am going to reserve some time
> to update things and I will make a first cut over the next two
> weeks.   Perhaps Tom Walsh can offer me some advise off line.
> I think I have his phone number somewhere.  If not can you email
> me your number again.

IMO, uClinux.org has missed its' window of opportunity.  Erwin's
http://uclinux.home.at site has taken over the role that uClinux.org has
not met.  All we need right now is to implement a searchable archive of
the mailing list and then uClinux.org will only be a place for newbies
to sign up for the mailing list, from then, they would (and are)
directed to Erwin's site to get information that they need.

Erwin promotes other sites that have information about uClinux, not only
the software, but hardware projects as well.  With the work that he has
done over the past year, I really wouldn't encourage you to do anything
more with uClinux.org but to prominantly place a link to Erwin's site.. 
Maybe even redirect the DNS zone for uClinux.{com,org} to his IP?

Sorry, but that is how I see it.



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