[uClinux-dev] Re:Re: [uClinux-dev] question about Interrupt handler

gerg gerg at snapgear.com
Mon Nov 19 07:29:06 EST 2001

Hi Joey,

JoeyShen wrote:
> Thanks, Greg!
> I think I know what you meant. But if I want to "tell" my applications the interrupt has occured, what can I do? Using FIFO, sending msg or some other kinds of IPCs?

If the app does nothing but wait then you can just use a sleep/wakeup
from a read() or write() or ioctl(). If it simply waits on a number of
events from a number of drivers then maybe a select() is best.

Maybe just sending a signal is enough, using kill_proc() from
within the interrupt handler.

(It probably doesn't make sense to do a conventional IPC, you are
dealing with process->driver communication not process<->process.
But it depends on the nature of the information being passed).

> Can interrupt handler creat a FIFO which would be read by process?

Not normally. At least not create a FIFO in the interrupt.

> Hm....maybe what I need is just polling.

Depends on exactly what you are trying to achieve...


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