[uClinux-dev] The constructor of global variable cann't be executed in C++

kjlin kj.lin at viditec-netmedia.com.tw
Sun Nov 18 22:45:16 EST 2001

Hi Erik,

I tried the newest uClibc/libc/sysdeps/linux/mipsel/crt0.c, but it did not
I think this is due to that my x-compiler(mips-linux-gcc) doesn't generate a
subroutine to deal with the lists in .ctors
and .dtors sections, though we added the __CTOR_LIST__ and  __DTOR_LIST__ in
the crt0.c.
Therefore, i add the handler to do the .ctors and .dtors lists in crt0.c by
referring the GNU glibc.
I don't know whether it is a good method, but it works fine in my MIPS
Perhaps you have better methods or ideas.

static void (*const __CTOR_LIST__[1]) (void)
     __attribute__ ((section (".ctors")))
     = { (void (*) (void)) -1 };
static void (*const __DTOR_LIST__[1]) (void)
     __attribute__ ((section (".dtors")))
     = { (void (*) (void)) -1 };

extern void __uClibc_main(int argc,void *argv,void *envp);
extern int atexit (void (*__func) (void));
void __do_global_ctors(void);

     "\t.type\t_start, at function\n"
     "\tmove\t$30, $0\n"         /* zero frame pointer */
     "\tlw\t$4, 0($29)\n"         /* $4 = argc */
     "\taddu\t$5, $29, 4\n"     /* $5 = argv */
     "\tmove\t$6, $4\n"          /* $6 = envp = (argc+1)*4+argv */
     "\tadd\t$6, 1\n"
     "\tsll\t$6, 2\n"
     "\taddu\t$6, $6, $5\n"
    /* Handler for .ctors and .dtors */
    /* Ok, now run uClibc's main() -- shouldn't return */

static inline void
run_hooks (void (*const list[]) (void))
      while (*++list)
        (**list) ();

void __do_global_dtors (void)
     run_hooks (__DTOR_LIST__);

void __do_global_ctors(void)
     run_hooks (__CTOR_LIST__);
     atexit (__do_global_dtors);


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> On Thu Nov 15, 2001 at 03:47:47PM +0800, kjlin wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I am using uclinux-2.4.1+MIPS and compiler is gcc-2.96 20000731.
> > All the APs which written by C code are executed very well in my
> > Howerer, the APs made by C++ are not so fine.
> > The C++ problem is that the constructor of a global object will not be
> > but the constructor of a local object is executed normally.
> I just modified uClibc/libc/sysdeps/linux/mipsel/crt0.c in CVS
> to add support for global constructors and destructors.
> Try again?
>  -Erik
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