[uClinux-dev] the problem while porting to S3C4510

Tonny Tzeng tzengym at ms8.hinet.net
Sun Nov 18 21:24:05 EST 2001

Dear Jennifer,

(1) You have to provide 'setup_timer' for your target processor to
      generate periodic system timer ticks.
(2) As I remember, the constant IRQ_TIMER has to be set properly
      at include/asm/arch/irqs.h
BTW, if you did not setup timer properly, you should block in
calibrate_delay(). Did you validate the IRQ no. return from
get_irqno_and_base macro before handling them? What's the
INTMSK and INTPND values?

Best regards,

> I am trying to port the uClinux 2.0.38 to the Samsung s3c4510 board.
> The output of printk () can be printed on the terminal. Everything seems
> good until the sti() called at the start_kernel(). After the sti(), it
> that there are interrupts always  to interrupt the system. So, the system
> always excute the vector_IRQ(). But, in fact, there is no real interrupt
> happened (I have checked the INTOFFSET register). In fact, I only add
> the macro "get_irqnr_and_base" and the valid IRQ number checking
>  for this CPU at the entry-armv.S file.  Do I need to change other point
> at this entry-armv.S and the sti() and cli() for the CPU?  Or, something
> I forgot to do? Please give me some hints.
> ps.
> 1. I only enable the internal timer0 IRQ.
> 2. I use the JEENI to directly load the kernel to the RAM (0x400)
> without the real bootloader.
> Best Regards,
> Jennifer F. Chang

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